Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Pictures (A look back)

Christmas picture 2007: Super Easy and Affordable...we used one of our favorite wedding pictures and made a photo card through Shutterfly.

Christmas Picture 2008: Easy and Affordable...gave Caleb some ornaments and snapped a few pictures. We added the words "This year our biggest gift came in the smallest package."
We used Vistaprint for printing and saved on postage by ordering postcards rather than greeting cards.

Christmas Picture 2009: A little challenging but friend took the picture on a random bench not too far from our home. It was cold and Caleb had a hard time sitting still. We managed to get this picture after many tries. We made it black and white then added text using Photoshop, again we used Vistaprint.

Christmas Picture 2010: Details coming soon...I promise! (As soon as I figure out the details)


  1. Wow Tiffany! These are so gorgeous. Love how you did them yourselves. What a sweet couple and that baby is so scrumptious. You got me encouraged to do our Christmas pics this year!!

    Many Blessings
    ~ Marie

  2. Your wedding dress was beautiful! I mean BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Marie, you take beautiful pictures so I'm sure you could get some nice ones. Try to do it this year--I can tell you from experience, its much harder to get TWO little ones to look in the same direction and smile!

  4. I love the wedding pic and of course your Caleb is gorgeous. I also like the Christmas colors on the blog. Looking forward to this year's photo.

  5. Thank you Ashley,

    I was inspired by Monique Lhuillier. A friend introduced me to a seamstress who was able to make the dress of my dreams more modest and more affordable.

  6. I love the pictures. You look beautiful in the two and that baby is adorable. Thanks for the ideas. I would like to get picture done. I am dreaming about getting all the kids home for a picture... not easily done these days, but is a hopeful thought for the future.
    Many Blessings,