Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Time

Do you have the holidays on the brain like I do? My family travels for my annual momcation, I mean our annual Thanksgiving trip. Though with all the relatives around it does seem like a mini mommy vacation for me. I usually have only a few responsibilities: 1) nurse the baby 2) iron the tablecloths 3) watch as much HGTV as I want.

This year I was hoping to catch a 9 by Design marathon but it seems that won't be happening, thanks Bravo! But after seeing this absolutely cute idea from One Charming Party I may actually contribute a turkey to this year's celebration.

A paper one full of popcorn of course! Garrett's popcorn would be a great filling...but I might have to line the bag with plastic in order to keep the greasy goodness from seeping through.


  1. It is a real cute idea and doesn't seem like it would be too hard. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

    I saw the beautiful apron you made Marie for the apron swap while I was visiting her. Wow! so adorable. She is going to do a post on it soon.
    Many Blessings,

  2. You are so creative!!

  3. I liked 9 by Design, too. What ever happened to that?

  4. Ashley, its not only cute--but I'm sure it's tasty too!

    Pam, I can't wait to see the post...I didn't get pictures before I sent it. The apron she sent me is just lovely!

  5. pamkjack, thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by!!

    Anayah, I think they cancelled it--the little I saw was great though.