Thursday, November 4, 2010

Matchy Matchy

I have a sickness and I really need your help.

When putting together outfits I try really hard not to match too much but I can't seem to help it! In my modest opinion, I think coordinating or complimenting looks so much better than matching. I remember growing up and seeing couples matching (as in the exact same outfit) at the mall or Six Flags and I secretly vowed not to be that couple.

I love it when I see people coordinate and put colors together that wouldn't normally go together or family's that compliment each other without wearing the exact same things--oh how I long for their freedom!

If only I could just learn to coordinate and not match. "Complimentary not matchy matchy" I silently recite to myself. I remember a good friend who would only wear a gold colored shirt with her denim skirt because it had gold stitching. And another friend who would match her hair accessories with her blue jeans rather than a neutral black or white. Is it because we grew up in the 90's? Or is it a geographical thing? Above is a picture of my children (the cheesy one on the left and the "little" one being held on the right) the other cuties belong to my friend--she too grew up in the 90's and hails from Chicago. Hence, our kids all match!

I don't know--but as I try to gather the kids' outfits for our annual Christmas pictures I find myself repeating over and over again "Complimentary not matchy matchy." Do you ever have this problem? Or do you find yourself needing to match more?


  1. I don't think thats a problem- I just think everyone has a different style. There are people who are matchy matchy but always look fly! There are people who don't match and pull it off nicely too!

    I am a good balance of both. It just depends on my mood and how many layers I am wearing :)

    One thing that helps me is finding style ideas. These modest blogs help me find inspiration. I also get monthly anthropologie catalogs in the mail which helps me out a lot too! I get lots of style ideas there. Really all over. For the kids, look at different childrens stores. You pick what style you want to achieve and start looking up style ideas!! :) I don't have any children of my own yet but I have a neice and 2 nephews so my husband and I have done lots of shopping for them. I have found great and cute ideas for kids at H&M, gap kids, childrens place, carters, sams club (CUTE holiday dresses), burlington.. just to name a few!

    Basically I think just find what works and go for it. Style can't be wrong if it looks good to you!

  2. Kendra,

    Thanks for the encouragement=) I think I have a bit of an issue with my entire family matching too much. Personally, I like to have a cute accessory match my skirt or shoes--it kind of pulls things together.

    I have been enjoying some modest blogs recently that have helped me see layering in a new light.

    I just got my anthropologie catalog yesterday- it never disappoints. I think if I was closer to an H&M I would shop there more, they have really cute things for kids. In addition to the stores you mentioned Old Navy usually has nice things too.

  3. You're welcome! Yes I think just looking for ideas and making them your own is the best way :) Kids are amazing because you can put almost anything on them and make them look darling.


    for a little girl you can put a short tutu skirt over a straight pencil jean skirt.

    big bows are very cute :)

    a floral dress with tan moccasins and tights..

    for a little boy you can do a blazer, jeans and a simple t-shirt.

    simple blazer with a zip up hoodie under, jeans and a t-shirt.

    The possibilities are endless!! :)

    Personally I think ALL kids look darling in cowboy boots too! There was is a little girl (she's 3) who has some white ones with baby pink. And her brother has a red pair that he has worn every single time I have seen him!!! EVEN with his church suit haha.. he tucks on pant leg in and leaves the other one out lol

  4. I have nothing worthwhile to say about the topic of this post. I'm just in awe of the babies all lined up in their NU shirts. The joy and love represented is really sending my sleep-deprived brain into overload. How can children be so adorable? How can they look so much like their parents? Ah! Thank you for sharing that photo!

  5. Thanks for your comment Anayah. Though, I'm sure you could add something about couples matching at Six Flags=)

  6. I agree with Anayah...I can't get over how cute those kids are! If their that cute, their parents must really be a bunch of "lookers":)