Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cardigan to Ruffle Shrug

I recently turned a cardigan, which was destined for the Salvation Army, into a ruffled shrug using this tutorial for inspiration. I decided to make the bottom a little more curved making it more like a shrug rather than a jacket. I also used the remaining fabric for the ruffles rather than buying additional fabric. You should give it a try, the tutorial is easy to follow and the results are great!




  1. Good Morning Mrs. Tiff. I think that since your clothing line is a work in progress, you should consider offering sewing classes to those artistically and sewing impaired. Maybe try one of those patterns or tutorials in small group setting. It could be a great ministry!

  2. Cara, That's a great idea...I just might need to look into that. Thanks!

  3. that is just amazing!!! very cute!!

  4. Thanks ShanSoPink and Ashley! I appreciate your sweet comments.

  5. Well... You have TALENT!!!

    And flax seed is a great idea!!! I use to slip in wheat germ. I don't know why I stopped. Have a wonderful day!