Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There are varying views on aprons: some see them as a garment used to protect clothes while others see them as some blast from the 1950's past that they would rather not relive. Personally, I believe aprons can be useful, chic and speak a thousand words.

An apron can say, "Yes this is my job ... and I love it! I am prepared to wipe my hands (or kids noses) with out missing a beat." It says I'm proud to be a keeper at home.

Actually, my apron -- the one I sewed a couple of years ago -- is hanging on the wall saying "I'm too pretty to be used." Its not that I don't need to wear it, I just can't bring myself to get anything on it! Anyway, I recently joined up with some blogging ladies for an "apron swap" and I hope I can bring myself to actually wear mine. I have an apron full of pastels, polka dots, and shabby chicness in mind for my partner. I just need to get my ideas through to my sewing machine!

In the meantime, if you're interested in sewing an apron, check out this book. It has lots of cool ideas, but be sure to check out the publisher's site for corrections -- it also has lots of mistakes! But once you get everything figured out, you will definitely have some cute results. The apron above is one I made using a pattern from that book.


  1. Speaking of aprons, I need to sew one soon!! :)

  2. Kendra, you should! Aprons make great gifts. The book I linked to above has lots of ideas. I picked it up from the library.

  3. Oh nice! I have a library card so I will have to check it out. In fact that is a great gift Idea :) My plan this year is to make ALL homemade gifts for Christmas! I'd better get started lol :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hello Seamstress,

    What would you recommend for an ankle length denim skirt with a slit in the front? I would like to close up the slit somehow. Thanks!


  5. Hi Cara,

    I was planning to do a tutorial about closing a slit! Stay tuned-- I will make sure I post it soon.

  6. Enjoyed your post about your apron, and I thought the book looked like great fun. I will have to see if I can get the library to order it for me. Your ideas are delightful. Am thoroughly enjoying all your posts. I love the paper mum wreath project below; its beautiful.

    Look forward to all the final results of everyone in the swap.
    Many Blessings sweetie,