Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pat in the Hat Tutorial

One of my KCWC projects was a hat for my daughter. When my hubby saw me making the pattern he said "make those ear flaps like Pat has." (Pat is my husbands friend who wears a winter hat with ear flaps- that my husband has made fun of on more than one occasion. ) I guess he likes ear flaps on little girls more than grown men. So, here's the Pat in the Hat tutorial!

Pattern (add 5/8 inches to Large for 6-12 months)
1/4 yard of knit material
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Ball point needle for sewing machine
Grosgrain ribbon (optional)

1) Fold material in half and place pattern on top. Cut two pieces, one will be your "lining" and the other will be your "outer layer". (Side note: I used the same fabric for both pieces, but you can use different ones) When unfolded it should look like this:

2) Match triangles on the top of your outer layer and pin. Sew the two seams. Repeat this on your lining.

3) Once you've sewn your two seams it should look like this when unfolded:

4) Now, match up your ear flaps, pin, and sew. (Only sew were the pins indicate below) Repeat on your lining.

5) You should have something that resembles a hat:
6) Now the fun part: Embellish you outer layer!

7) Place your lining and outer layer right sides together. If adding a ribbon now is the time. Place your ribbon at the ear flaps.

8) Pin outer layer and lining right sides together (leave and opening near back seam- where I placed my horizontal pin below)

9) Turn hat right side out through opening.

10) Fold under opening and pin. Top stitch around entire hat close to the edge.

11) Enjoy!


  1. I can't believe you made that- and the shoes! Absolutely amazing. CLOTHING LINE!!

  2. LOL, Cara--that's so sweet of you. Thanks!

  3. Tiffany, I love you blog; so sweet, and such great ideas. I think your hat is adorable. I wish I had a little granddaughter to make it for. I might try it without the flower for my grandsons, (I have four and half grandsons), but I don't think it will be near as cute without the flower. Perhaps I could put a little teddy bear on instead. Anyhow I just popped over to tell you that I am just now pairing up the names for the apron swap, and if you will get me your e-mail address, I will pair you up.
    Thanks sweetie,