Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little More About Me

I’m in to:
Jesus, my husband, my kiddos, pretty writing, ribbons, gift giving, diaper bags, sewing, apples (but not cooked apples), bows, stripes and polka dots, Real Simple, spaghetti, Fall, party planning, uncommon flowers (no red roses please!), (soft) chocolate chip cookies, cardigans, naps, Christian music, nice paper, Baby/Bridal showers...and weddings!, peachy penguins, cute skirts, anything personalized, curly hair (though rarely my own), accessorizing , creative invitations, tiny things, pretty colors, (cherry) coke, "window shopping" online

I believe:
Modesty is beautiful; Marriage is honorable; Motherhood is a blessing, and Giving is a gift.

You can expect::
A modern creative Christian approach to modesty, marriage, motherhood, and giving

Please don't expect:
Me to post regularly all the time...some seasons are busier than others.


  1. Hi Tiffany - so good to "see" you here. I think about you often. I'm glad to know that you are doing well.

  2. Thank you so much Vernee! We should catch up soon- I'd love to hear about the hubby and kids.

  3. Modesty is beautiful...brilliant...that is my first time hearing that. :)

  4. Hey tiffany how are you........your family is beautiful.....This is Rochelle from highschool by the way