Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modest Looks from Forever 21

I used to think Forever 21 was a loud crowded store full of a bunch of party tops and and tight jeans. Well, the store is a bit crowded and loud but Forever 21 also has reasonably priced items, very cute accessories, and occasionally you can even find something modest. I've had a lot of success finding cute affordable tops during my pregnancies, but the bottoms were always another story. Although I've searched high and low, I have never found a skirt modest enough to buy at Forever 21. Maybe that has finally changed -- at least for this season. The skirts and dresses above are examples of what you might be able to find ... if you're willing to endure the loud music and search the racks. I guess you could shop online, but you might want to try the items on first to check for sheerness and/or tightness. You may also want to check out their Love 21 line which is described as offering a more sophisticated and modest this new skirt!


  1. Hello! :) I'm a new follower.

    Forever21 has always had great clothes! :) In order to stay modest though, we need to know how to layer. For me, an Apostolic-Pentecostal young lady, Forever21 is always a store to go to for the latest outfits and trends.

    I know they have skinny jeans (if you have a person in your church who can sew, see if they could make it into a skirt) and all that but they do have skirts :) They might be mini skirts but have you ever tried to put a mini skirt over a modest basic *type in any color here* skirt?? The result is ADORABLE :D I would prefer that the mini skirt isn't TOO short or TOO tight. So look for ones that aren't :)

    They have plenty of cute jackets!! *Sidenote: I was walking past a HotTopic the other day and saw this beautiful cream&silver jacket. Really? Who would have thought something THAT cute&modest came from HotTopic? Lol* I have a few from Forever21 and the sleeves are perfect. If you find something that is short sleeve and WAY too cute to pass up, just make sure to wear a 3/4 sleeve underneath it to stay modest. :)

    For the dresses, a lot of them are (or were, I haven't looked in a week or 2) halter topped. Easy fix :) Put a shirt that will make the neckline higher and put a jacket or just leave it with a 3/4 or longer sleeve :) Don't forget, if the dress is too short, wear a skirt underneath it.

    Modest definitely IS hottest

  2. Hi Meagan,

    Wow, thanks for your suggestions! I do layer, though I haven't tried some of the layering you suggested before. It sounds like it could work. LOL, honestly as a mom I long for simplicity. Sometimes the layers can make nursing and playing with my toddler difficult. However, maybe I need to take another look at the trendy stores like Forever 21 with some of the suggestions you offered in mind- even if I limit the layers to date night with my hubby when being modest and cute is the focus...not simplicity. Btw, that Hot Topic jacket you mentioned does sound cute!