Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know I am a bit late, but Happy New Year! As I reflect on last year I am so amazed at the way the Lord has blessed me spiritually, naturally, and creatively. If I had to sum up the year in one word it would be "PROGRESS."

Not long ago I was pregnant and very discouraged. I wanted desperately to use the gifts I believed the Lord had given me but I couldn't find the time or the confidence to use them. I thought I would never be able to create and sew until my children were grown and out of the house. I thought I would be here for years: in front of this computer admiring all the beautiful things the women in cyberworld were able to create ... because they were more talented and disciplined than me. I used the excuse that my mother wasn't a homemaker and because I was "starting from scratch" with no idea of how this whole thing worked, I was at a disadvantage and as a result I couldn't successfully juggle all my responsibilities and my creative desires.

In October of 2009 these self-defeating thoughts along with morning sickness prompted me to email Rae of made by rae. I had long admired her work and wondered "how did she do it all?" Honestly, I wasn't expecting a response but she gave me some of the best/honest/comforting advice I had ever heard ... she doesn't do it all! In short, she told me she prioritizes her (really cute) kiddos, doesn't watch much TV, and doesn't post every day. Then she encouraged me to just go for it and start the etsy shop I've been thinking of starting because it would be a major confidence booster. That email along with support from my hubby and friends (and lots of grace and wisdom from the Lord) helped me and motivated me to move forward.

Since then -- with the Lord's help -- I have sewn 3 skirts, 4 hospital gowns, 4 aprons, 2 chef hats, 1 dress, 1 pair of shoes, 1 bow tie, 2 neckties ... refashioned 1 cardigan and 1 t-shirt ... stenciled wedding decor,8 t-shirts, and a tote bag ... helped design Christmas cards & birth announcements ... maintained a family blog and started this blog ... all while growing as a Christian, a wife, a mother, a homemaker and a daughter! Even though I have not yet started an Etsy shop I know I've made progress!

This blog and you, my followers (though few for now), have pushed me to make major creative advances and for that I say thank you! I believe bigger and greater things will come this year and I hope you stick around...for even more progress.


  1. Woohoo! You've inspired me. I really need to learn how to sew!


  2. We have so much in common. Having four small children I started to feel like I was losing me and just being mom, wife, cook, maid. I did not have confidence and I was letting my thoughts ruin me.But my perspective was rocked when I started listening to VODDIE BAUCHUM and getting back into reading God's word regularly.I realized this kids are a blessing and I GET the privilege of being mom, wife, home educator.(even though I did not have a role model to follow)This role does not take away from the old selfish me, this role is perfecting me. Now life is not easy peasy.... but when I believe the truth and focus on the gift of pregnancy, hand prints on my walls, and toys in my shower...I can smile again, be confident and create.

    That was long. opps

  3. Very encouraging post, especially considering the season I am in right now!

  4. Cara,'ve been making some creative progress yourself!

    Chandra, go for it I bet you'd make some super cute stuff!

  5. Jacqueline,

    Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone! I've heard some of Voddie Bauchum's messages and they are very encouraging. Love how he highlights the importance and value of a godly mother...something we often need to remind ourselves.

  6. LaSandra, lol glad it was encouraging...I think this is my version of a letter to my postpartum self.

  7. All the things you are creating are amazing! I'm sure you are proud of yourself and so am I. I can't wait to check out all the great things you are doing including that etsy shop! I love that place! Here's to another year of progress!

  8. You are very creative and I am encouraged by seeing at that you have gotten done with kiddos in tote. Have a blessed day :O)

  9. Tiffany, what a delightfully encouraging post. I really relate to you in trying to accomplish things with little ones about. I so loved all that you have learned and have done. And I CAN't wait to see your etsy shop up.
    Also loved seeing you pregnant, you are so so cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!


  10. Hey Tiffany
    My Labels are from Lucky Labels they have a website and they are on Etsy also. They are not based in the U.S

  11. Can't wait to see your new projects!!!

  12. Love the post Tiffany, so inspiring. Love all your creations... looking forward to seeing more.
    Blessings, Pam

  13. Tiffany, this is such a great inspiration and encouragement! Congratulations on your reflection and progress. I feel like I'm learning everyday that no matter what advice we get or read, motherhood is a rites of passage we must internalize the lessons from on our own. No one feels your conflict and self-doubt the way you do...even when they've gone/are going through it.

    As usual, your creations are classy, functional, and appealing. I'm looking forward to your Etsy shop and buying adorable boy clothes from you!